Aditum is a product developed by Consilium Systems.

We are passionate about helping businesses and organisations with efficiency savings through their systems. Most of us don’t have a good work/life balance and there can be an expectation that to gain promotion means more hours need to be sacrificed into the working week.

When looking at processes within a business, there are generally efficiency savings to be made, freeing up time for more important tasks or home life.

We have over 20 years of experience of workflow management and efficiency analysis in addition to building appropriate tools to support the outcomes.

Why Aditum?

When GDPR was introduced in May 2018 there was an element of panic and a number of smaller business owners expressed concern about the time that would be consumed with GDPR related activities.

We all hear stories in the news of hacking and data breaches and people are more acutely aware of the digital footprint they are leaving behind them on a daily basis.

The GDPR rightly adds more focus on Right to Access for individuals to receive a copy of the data that is being held about them (Subject Access Request). Unfortunately, that has an administrative impact on a business or organisation.


The launch of Aditum.

Awareness of consequences of ignoring a request

Sole traders and micro businesses often have time and resource constraints and tend to skill up when the need requires.

This will prove an issue where Subject Access Requests are concerned.

When a request is received you have 1 month to respond.

Leveraging our experience of workflow and task management, we have made it easy to manage and track requests, providing automation and a secure encrypted portal for the transfer of the data to the requester.